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    AirSoap’s Electric Wind Technology generates a high-energy plasma field that kills bacteria and viruses and polarizes airborne particles. The bacteria are then collected in a filterless graphene system, resulting in air that is cleaner and healthier than what traditional filter-based air purifiers can provide.

    While AirSoap has been certified to capture particles down to 14nm, we have not performed testing specifically on SARS-COV-2 (The pathogen responsible for COVID-19) as it is not yet available for testing. However, AirSoap has been tested and proven to kill greater than 99.99 percent of an even smaller virus (Influenza A-H3N2).

    Product Features:

    • Kills & captures even the smallest viruses that HEPA can’t
    • No more costly replacement filters. Ever
    • Washable collecting plates save money and the planet
    • Whisper-quiet and ultra-low energy consumption